Bae Suzy’s best outfit in Start-Up

    Watching Korean drama has been the go-to of almost everyone to destress after a long day of work, especially on weekends.

    When watching K-dramas, fans don’t just focus on the story and actors but also look forward to their outfits they might serve as an inspiration for their next #OOTD.

    That being said, Bae Suzy’s character, Seo Dal-mi, seems to bring the trend of wearing jeans in her new K-drama ‘Start-Up’. She wears a variety of pant styles: flared, cropped, relaxed, and a good mix of hues paired with laidback blouse or even just a sweater.

    So if you’re looking for more ways on how to style your regular jeans you have on your closet, check out her looks below:

    Polka dot blouse and white denim jeans


    This is a classy look. Polka dot prints paired with plain white jeans will make you look preppy especially if you pair it with black loafers.

    Floral blouse with flared jeans


    Flared jeans are back! Suzy styled this with a cute floral blouse to give a more girly look for her character. She also wore a low square-heeled pumps for this look.

    Checkered blazer, white t-shirt, and denim jeans


    Do you need an idea on what to wear for work? You can never go wrong with blazer and jeans! This outfit will give you a polish and put-together look.

    Cardigan and denim jeans


    This outfit is perfect this December especially now that the cold weather has kicked in. Just grab a chunky cardigan with your favorite denim and you’re good to go!


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