Apple unveils second-generation iPhone SE

    After years of releasing smartphones with four-figure price tags (in US dollar), Apple has reintroduced a low-cost, stripped-down iPhone model in an apparent effort to expand its customer base.

    During a virtual presentation with reporters on Wednesday morning, the company announced a new version of the iPhone SE which was launched in 2016.

    The second-generation iPhone SE model starts at just $399, far less than the entry-level iPhone 11, which costs $699, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which starts at $1099.

    At 4.7 inches, the new iPhone SE has a stance smaller than the latest lineup of iPhones — the iPhone 11 is 6.1 inches — but comes with the same fast processor that’s in the iPhone 11 Pro.

    The iPhone SE also offers a Retina HD display, 4K video, and a home button that enables TouchID.

    The smaller size display and touch ID features may help keep costs down but could turn off customers who are accustomed to the current lineup of larger iPhones with higher pixel density and an option to unlock via facial recognition.

    The second-generation iPhone SE, which comes in white, black, and red, is available for preorder starting Friday and ships to customers on April 24.


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